Friday, May 27, 2011

Will Pippa Middleton get her “OWN” Oprah-produced show?

Will Pippa Middleton get her “OWN” Oprah-produced show?

This news is all over this week’s tabloids, so part of me suspects that some version of this story is true. According to sources, Oprah Winfrey is interested in giving Pippa Middleton, the sister of the Duchess of Crumpets, her own show on OWN, Oprah‘s network. As we already know, Pippa has probably already hired a PR firm to handle the interest in her and her booty. Pippa is reviewing her options, career-wise as well, although sources now claim she’s taken a secretarial position with an ex-boyfriend (who just happens to be rich and in line for a dukedom/duchy). Why wouldn’t a deal with Oprah be far off? Well, Oprah can offer away, but I doubt Pippa is truly considering it.

Well, Kate’s back from the honeymoon and now what? Oh, right. Pippa is all “Hey, so am I going to be your lady-in-waiting?” And Kate is all “Um, about that… not so much.” In Touch Weekly (via Hollywood Life) reports that Kate doesn’t want to put her little sister in the “lady-in-waiting” position because Kate thinks Pippa will overshadow her (Kate).

As I said, I think Oprah might actually be offering Pippa some kind of deal or exclusive, but I doubt Pippa is seriously considering any of that. She wants to be a duchess, and duchesses don’t do Oprah (or OWN!). As for the stuff about Kate not wanting to be overshadowed by Pippa… perfectly reasonable. I gave Kate props for letting her sister wear a pretty maid of honor dress for the wedding, but sisterly love has its limits, and those limits include being overshadowed on her first official overseas trip as a duchess/princess. Canada doesn’t need to see Pippa’s lady-in-waiting knickers!

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